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Improvement On Refrigeration

With more than 15-year experience in refrigeration, we pragmatically work with research and development, pursuing to provide the best cold chain equipment for our customers. We constantly update our refrigeration system so as to keep up with market trend, and optimize the structure and material of our refrigerators so as to meet different needs. Our improvement on refrigeration can be illustrated from five aspects as below:

1. Equipped with more efficient refrigeration system, our refrigerators provide quicker and preciser temperature control. The adoption of multi-channel compressor and parallel compressor offers more energy-saving and durable refrigeration solutions.

2. Led by market demand, we’ve bound thermostats to different electronic components to develop a more intelligent refrigeration system. Day/night mode, GPS, buzzer etc. can be achieved by refrigerators in this case.

3. For the ease of maintenance and cleaning, we improved the structure of our condensing unit.

4. High-density thickened cyclopentane foaming material is used, which not only has supreme thermal insulation effect, but also is solid and durable.

5. The application of efficient refrigerant R600a/R290a reduced the use of high GWP refrigerant by more than 20 tons per year, which greatly contributes to sustainable development.

R600a/R290a | Truecooltech Green refrigerant


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