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Why So Many Supermarkets Use Parallel Units

You must have seen the “long” commercial refrigerators in supermarkets, but have you thought about why they would be so long? These long commercial refrigerators are actually a series of refrigerators placed together, and they often use parallel units to make them run well.

Compared with some small convenience stores, large supermarkets cover a larger area and need to use multiple freezers. Moreover, due to the high population mobility of supermarkets, they have various uncertain factors, so that the freezers are easier to be damaged. Since parallel units can operate with multiple units, when one compressor is damaged, others compressors can still cool normally to maintain the operation of the freezer. We can also automatically adjust individual compressors according to our needs to ensure the stable use of multiple freezers. Therefore, in order not to affect consumers' normal shopping, supermarket freezers will use parallel units.

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So, how is the compressor temperature controlled?

When the compressor works, it will pass the cold air through the solenoid valve. When the appropriate temperature is reached and stabilized, the compressor will automatically close the valve and stop refrigeration.

Because of the particularity of supermarkets, the maintenance and repair of freezers is also very important. The use of parallel units is not only conducive to the operation of the freezer, but also convenient for maintenance. Considering that different ambient temperatures have different requirements for the configuration of freezers, we will customize scientific refrigeration schemes based on the appropriate number and type of compressors for customers' use needs and use environment, including ambient temperature, space size, distance from the wall, the number of opening and closing doors, the number and power of equipment etc., to ensure the service life of freezers.

So how do we choose freezers?

When purchasing a freezer, first determine the use place and the size of the space used, and then determine the type of food placed, so as to select the appropriate type of freezer. Then, the utilization rate of the freezer is also very important (considering the number of times the freezer door is opened and closed).

Last but not least, the selected freezer must meet the use standards of countries and regions.

Our freezer:

In convenience shops or supermarkets,combinated refrigerated cabinet is glowing with elegance. Thanks to exceptional layout versatility, it is the best choice for island configurations. The vertical space in the store is fully utilized and the views of clients cannot be blocked, making the store spacious. It’s featured with perfect preservation of the products on display, which means setting different temperature is available for all kinds of products. Glass doors with high transparency highlight fresh foods. The design idea”efficiency” aims at striving for quick refrigeration and excellent energy performance. Energy-saving bus can produce exceptional economic benefits.

Main feature:

Quick refrigeration, energy-saving, and sustainable.

Huge capacity, various temperatures, suitable for the storage of various foods.

Great transparency of glass doors greatly presents the goods and offer you a phenomenal shopping experience. It can be customized, which is suitable for all kinds of places. It is ideal for the preservation of pre-packed products, drinks, wine, bread, delicatessen,fresh meat, etc. Efficient, attractive and innovative, is the star in the store.

Main feature:

Ultra-thin glass with high transparency can bring out all the freshness of the food.

Customized, suitable for the most extensive places.

She has the perfect size and proportion and an elegant vibe. The outstanding patented canopy, double glass with high transparency and air-deflector with rhythm style emphasize the elegance. The decorative strips are stainless steel, making it noble and distinguished. While shopping in a crowded and noisy store, you will indulge in her beauty and relax, she provides a more pleasant shopping experience, fully deserved the title, Beauty.

Main feature:

Elegant shape, outstanding canopy, air-deflector with rhythm style, extremely good-looking.

High density foaming insulation,powerful refrigeration, excellent heat resistance.

She is elegantly furnished the convenience stores in your neighborhoods, welcoming you with a smiling face, storing a variety of sandwiches, beverages, pre-packed products, delicious dishes, frozen foods and so on. No matter how early you go to work, how late are you home, or how exhausted you are after a long day, you feel right at home while seeing this cabinet instantly. Happy Town makes your life happier.

Main feature:

Panel assembly with fasteners, convenient to be transported and moved in the elevator, and assembly in stores.

Cassette condensing unit, maintenance free.

Attractive, sanitary, suitable for pre-packaged foods, just grab and go.

The freezer has been selected, but have we put the things stored in the freezer right? Is the storage method correct?

We always put all kinds of food in the freezer, but after a period of time, the freezer will have bad smell. This indicates that our storage method is wrong, resulting in moldy food residues left in the freezer.

It is inevitable that the refrigerator has bad smell, but we can reduce the occurrence of peculiar smell. The best way to prevent the peculiar smell of the cabinet is centralized prevention. When the food is bagged and stored in the air curtain cabinet, first ensure that the food itself is clean. It is best to put it in a clean fresh-keeping bag and then store it in an air curtain cabinet. Foods that need to be stored in the refrigerator for a long time and can be frozen for a long time, such as meat, fish, shrimp and other foods, should be placed in the freezing layer to ensure low-temperature storage. Cooked meat, sausage and other raw and cooked food shall be stored separately in the air curtain cabinet to avoid mixing with raw food and strongly smelled food, in case the taste of the cooked food will be affected.

Finally, remember to clean up the garbage residue of the freezer and clean it regularly. In the process of using the refrigerator, in order to prevent bad smell in the cabinet, we need to regularly clean the cabinet with neutral detergent and deodorant, or deodorize with activated carbon. This is the important way to prevent odor.

Today, we actively participated in the bidding of cold chain projects and successfully established cooperation with many first-line supermarket chains and won the opportunity to join in the key government projects. In the meantime, from 2010 to 2013, we established close strategic cooperation with Japan Sanden, Greece frigoglass and China Kelon, and jointly participated in several Gulf exhibitions. Until 2016, we implemented strategic transformation and cooperated with Scoolman to carry out the R & D and production of cold chain products from demand side to supply side.

Our company's products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Europe and the United States and other regions, with a great market reputation. Truecooltech is a leading company dedicated to commercial freezers. We have professional knowledge and commitment to environmental protection. Therefore, we develop lean production and adopt more ecological elements to avoid damage to the ecosystem. If you have any interest in any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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