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How To Choose Compressor For Refrigeration Equipment

The compressor is the core part of the refrigerator refrigeration system in the supermarket. It sucks low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, compresses it through the internal piston of the motor running at high speed, and discharges high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe to provide power for the refrigeration cycle system, so as to realize the refrigeration cycle from compression → condensation → expansion → evaporation and heat absorption.

Refrigeration compressor is generally composed of shell, motor, cylinder block, piston, control equipment starter, thermal protector and cooling system. There are basically two types of control equipment starters, namely heavy hammer type and PTC type and the latter is more advanced. There are also two cooling modes: oil cooling and natural cooling.

The compressor is produced from assembly-line process. Through casting in the compressor processing workshop, the cylinder block, piston shaft, valve plate, connecting rod, crankshaft, end cap and other parts are manufactured; Then the rotor and stator are assembled by the motor workshop; Then the shell is manufactured in the stamping workshop, and finally assembled, welded, cleaned and dried in the general assembly workshop. It can be transported from the factory only after passing the multi-channel quality standard inspection and packaging.

The performance indicators of the compressor mainly include input and output power, performance coefficient, refrigerating capacity, starting current, operating current, rated voltage, frequency, cylinder volume, noise, etc. To measure the performance of a compressor, it is mainly compared from three aspects: weight, efficiency and noise.

For example, the compressor of general household refrigerator uses one-way AC as the power supply, and the compressor power is small, usually below 250W. The compressor power of supermarket air curtain cabinet, cooked food cabinet, cake cabinet, fresh meat cabinet and beverage cabinet is usually more than 230W. The two use different refrigerants.

At present, the compressors of refrigerator can be divided into low back pressure type, medium back pressure type and high back pressure type according to the scope of application.

The evaporation temperature of low back pressure compressor is -35 ~ -15 ℃, which is generally used for low-temperature freezer, low-temperature island cabinet, etc.

The medium back pressure evaporation temperature is -20 ~ 0 ℃, which is generally used for beverage cabinets, milk cabinets, etc.

The high back pressure evaporation temperature is -5 ~ 15 ℃, which is generally used for air curtain cabinet, fresh meat preservation cabinet, etc.

It should be noted that commercial refrigerators are different from household refrigerators. Commercial refrigerator compressors require high performance, therefore the commercial refrigerator always charges high prices.

Generally speaking, we have learned about the characteristics of commercial freezer compressors such as supermarket freezers and refrigerators from the above. When we buy a refrigerator, we can consider from the aspect of compressor and choose a more suitable refrigerator.

We will consider the compressor matching as per below:

A: High back/Medium/Low back pressure compressor. We use different compressors according to their performance in different climates

B: Power. Strong enough to ensure good performance. We use different compressors according to different cabinet sizes.

C: Capacity. We use different compressors according to the frequency of restarting compressor.

D: Compressor Feature. Noise Class, Energy Class, Efficiency, Gas Style. We use different compressors according to different application scenarios.

E: Fix Frequency or Inverter Frequency Compressor. We use different compressors according to the Energy Saving demand and cost budget of our customers.

F: Low Voltage Restart. Voltage range is usually from 187V to 250V. Otherwise a voltage stabilizer is necessary.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will give you the most satisfactory answer.

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