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Innovation Center

Our innovations in structure, appearance and performance

Standardization Of Production

In order to realize standardization, we optimize product structure, increase the usage of common parts and standard parts, modularize and standardize components through simulated examination in the design process.

  • Standardization On Structure  >>>

  • Standardization On Condensing Unit  >>>

  • Standardization On Production Procedure  >>>

  • Standardization On Parts  >>>

Differentiation Of Appearance

Based on the large production capacity brought by standardization and customers’ preferences, soft production, which focuses on the best strategy according to market trends and needs, allows us to achieve maximum production as well as provide customized service through appearance differentiation

  • Flexible Production  >>>

  • Differentiation On CMF >>>

  • Differentiation On Combination  >>>


Intellectualization Of Products

To provide the best considerate service for our customers, we constantly update products with diversified functions, provide more energy-saving and intelligent value-added services, and promote harmonious coexistence of equipment and human.

  • Improvement On Refrigeration  >>>

  • Exploration On Multiple Functions  >>>

  • Engagement In Cutting-edge Technology  >>>

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