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Standardization On Structure For Refrigerator

Structure, which usually refers to foaming cabinet and door etc., plays a dominant role in both refrigeration efficiency and aesthetic appearance of refrigerator. However, due to the sophisticated craftmanship requirement of the refrigerator structure, enterprises need to attach great attention on it more often than not. In light of improving automation and saving cost, we standardize our product structure from the design process.

As the old saying goes,”design determines quality”. Our ID designer and structure engineer focus on the 3D design and defect controlling of refrigerator structure, standardizing it through CAD drawings. Since standardization of structure has high requirement for craftmanship, we actively introduced more advanced equipment and models, constantly pushing forward our creative and practical design in order to meet the market demand. In the past few years, in the case of increased freight cost, we optimize the structure of some of our refrigerators, realizing modularized production based on high process accuracy. This optimization is what we call SKD.

The following is the examples of modular SKD:

Modularization of supermarket equipment

Truecooltech | Modularization of supermarket equipment

Modularization of catering solution

Truecooltech| Modularization of catering solution

Modularization of Food service

Truecooltech | Modularization of Food service


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