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Something You Need To Know About SKD

If the installation of CKD is difficult for you, then SKD is a good choice, it can also help you save on shipping cost.

Unlike CKD, SKD (Semi-Knocked Down) is semi-parts assembly, which makes the installation process easier than CKD.

The traditional assembly is very complex, which brings great trouble to production and quality control. However, our SKD products are produced by the several divided component groups to work efficiently on the production line.

- Three divided component groups -

When our customers buy our SKD products, they will receive separate components instead of the whole refrigerator, thus reducing shipping cost.

How to assemble our SKD freezer?

SKD Assembly Procedure:

SKD Assembly sample Single-Door


SKD Assembly sample Double-Door

Installation video


Our current SKD products: Model C Vertical Cabinet

In general, SKD has a good prospect, we will continue to explore this project. If you have any question, please contact us.


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