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Model C Vertical Cabinet

Model C Vertical Cabinet

· Top-notch design

· Self-closing door

· Cyclic defrost

· Low noise

· Semi-movable condensing unit

Removable or semi-removable condensing unit,  showing special concerns for narrow space in small mart and convenience store.


Suitable for wide range of ambient and climate use. Stably holds 0℃ to 4℃ (32℉ to 39℉) for cooler, -22℃ to -18℃ (-7.6℉ to -0.4℉) for freezer. 


LED with a large irradiation range provides even lighting in the cabinet, which can better display your products.


Self-closing door, tempered glass on glass door is explosion-proof.  


Powerful internal fans help to ensure even temperature distribution and air flow to prevent corrosion.


Automatic defrosting. Electronic control for accurate temperatures and controlled defrosting.

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