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Reasons Why Your Refrigerator Isn’t Cooling

If your refrigerator can not refrigerate even it’s plugged, it may have following problems. The inspection process is briefly introduced below.

(It is not recommended to repair refrigerator on your own. For safety, please consult or find professional personnel to repair.)

1)Visual inspection - DIY

1. Check whether the plug is loose

If the plug is not inserted or loose, Fix the plug.

2. Check the gear

If it is a mechanical thermostat refrigerator, check whether the gear is suitable for the room temperature. When the room temperature is low and the gear is low, refrigerator can easily reach a low temperature. Therefore, the compressor stops working and the refrigeration stops. It can be solved by adjusting to a higher gear.

2) Unit inspection - look for help

1.Faulty compressor

The compressor may not work because its fuse is blown. Using a new fuse can restart the compressor. However, it may be that start relay or start capacitor fails to start the compressor successfully, which requires professional personnel to repair them.

2.Shortage of Refrigerant

The reasons for insufficient refrigerant include refrigerant leakage and failure to replenish refrigerant in time. I would like to compare refrigeration cycle of the refrigerator to the blood circulation. Compressor is the heart, and refrigerant is the blood. In this case, it is easy to understand why refrigeration stops due to insufficient refrigerant.

3.Ventilation Fan broke down

The function of ventilation fan is to transfer the cold air generated by the evaporator into the refrigerator. If it stops working, the cold air generated by evaporator cannot be effectively transferred to the refrigerator, which cause ineffective cooling.

4.Out of order defrost system

The defrost cycle of the refrigerator is controlled by the defrost timer and the defrost heater.

As shown in the table above, if the defrost timer stays in the defrost mode and the defrost heater works all the time, the refrigerator will not carry out the refrigeration cycle.

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