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Put Forward Requirements For The Classification Of Refrigerators

The types of commercial refrigerators are usually divided according to the products they store, for example, fresh meat cabinet, cooked food cabinet, beverage cabinet, kitchen cabinet, cake cabinet, ice cream cabinet, flower cabinet and medicine cabinet.

Commercial refrigerators can also be classified according to appearance, for example, standing cabinet, sleeping cabinet, air curtain cabinet and combined cabinet.

Why it is important to classify commercial refrigerators?

Different items have different requirements for their store environment. For example, fresh meat has high water content and is perishable, so fast and stable refrigeration is needed to store fresh meat.

What are the different types of commercial refrigerators?

Fresh meat cabinet & cooked food cabinet:

Since bacteria multiply rapidly on fresh meat and cooked food, rapid refrigeration are used to inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and ensure the safety of fresh meat and cooked food.

In addition, because fresh meat and cooked food are easy to lose their water content,rapid refrigeration can block their water loss so as to maintain their nice appearance for better sales.

Truecooltech's fresh meat cabinet & cooked food cabinet cools rapidly. It can cool down the internal and external temperature of items before a large amount of moisture is separated out. In this way, bacteria reproduction is reduced and its water is retained.

Beverage cabinet:

Beverages are commodities with fast circulation, so in addition to timely replenishment, business owners also need beverage cabinets with rapid cooling function. Only in this way can we ensure that customers get cold drinks at all time.

Truecooltech's beverage cabinet is equipped with an fan cooling system. According to statistics, our Model P products only need 1 hour at room temperature and full load to reach -2 degree.

Kitchen cabinet:

Kitchen cabinet stores the raw materials and condiments to be cooked. Similar to the fresh meat cabinet, the kitchen cabinet needs rapid refrigeration to meet the bacteriostasis demand.

Cake cabinet:

Cake cabinet should be mainly equipped with two functions as below. The first is fast cooling. Only in this way can the cake not soften and deform, affecting its appearance. The second is water conservation. The loss of moisture in the cake will affect the taste. Water retention can also be achieved by rapid refrigeration.

Truecooltech's cake cabinet cools quickly, so ice crystals can be formed on the cake surface quickly. In this way, the moisture in the cake will be blocked in the cake and frozen hard at the same time. The ice crystals formed are quite small, so the taste of the cake will not be affected after thawing.


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