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What Can We Do To Reduce The Loss Of Fresh Food

Fresh food market demand

The scale of fresh food market continues to grow by more than 6% each year. Fresh food is an indispensable necessity in daily life. According to Nielsen's research on Asia-Pacific retail, more than 50% of Asian consumer food bills are spent on fresh food.

Fresh food loss

The loss of fresh foods in China is about 20-30%, most of which occurs during the distribution of products, while the figure in foreign countries is about 3~5%.

Fresh food preservation

Most fresh food can quickly breed bacteria at warm environment, causing food rot quickly. Refrigeration and freezing are one of the most commonly used preservation methods. By reducing the temperature and inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fresh food can be better preserved.

Energy-saving technology upgrade

Truecooltech has been committed to environmental protection, energy saving technologies, and continuously researching on energy conservation and consumption reduction. The latest intelligent system enables the product to make appropriate energy-saving control of the operation of the refrigeration compressor and the anti-exposure working state of the freezer according to the temperature and humidity of the store environment and the temperature set by the refrigerator. While maintaining the freshness of the food, it automatically controls the temperature of the refrigeration and makes the energy distribution more reasonable.

Refrigeration technology upgrade

Truecooltech's superior inverter refrigeration technology can improve the energy efficiency of products and keep the products fresh. High-performance precise temperature control technology can maintain the temperature inside the box, reduce energy consumption and heat exchange with the environment, keep the stable temperature inside the box. Accurate temperature detection system can adjust the inside temperature according to the temperature change to keep the temperature stable.

Manufacturing technology innovation

Truecooltech focuses on the integration of industrial aesthetics and practicality in product design. The products are designed according to ergonomics principles while remaining innovative in aesthetic design. In the process of achieving excellence, we uphold meticulous, environmentally friendly and energy-saving principle. The choice of materials is based on our pursuit of quality and environmental protection, and we also take into account the experience of our customers.

Parallel refrigeration unit

Completely safe device design. Failure of some components does not affect function of the whole refrigeration. The multi-energy control stage effectively reduces the impact on the user’s power grid, and is highly efficient and energy-saving especially under partial load.

DC frequency conversion unit

The complete set of equipment is easy to install, worry-free and time-saving. The whole design is free of debugging; the pumping cycle is safe and reliable; the automate load adaptability is strong; the cooling and heating speed are fast; the heat-cooing ratio is large; the low-temperature cooling effect is strong; and the intelligent temperature control precision is high.

Truecooltech is committed to making higher quality cabinet products, developing green industry in order to keep food freshness for our customers. We will continue to produce more refrigeration equipment and achieve better freezer supply.

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