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Using Hydrocarbon Refrigerants To Develop Lean Production

With the ever-accelerated development of technology, the companies which can’t not keep up with the social trends are doomed to be eliminated. Since the global warming issue is becoming more and more severe, there is a growing awareness of environmental protection, seeking a way to achieve zero emission. This is why many refrigeration companies are seeking green refrigerants. Now, hydrocarbon refrigerant is the best choice:

Nowadays, there are about 2 billion HC freezers and refrigerators in the world using hydrocarbon refrigerants.

In Europe, these cooling systems have been used for more than 20 years, of which more than 40 million are used for commercial purposes.

In the United States, more and more companies choose HC system to meet business sustainability goals.

Learn more about hydrocarbon refrigerants:

Hydrocarbon refrigerant is a new kind of environmentally friendly and safe refrigeration system, which will not deplete the ozone. It will not emit poisonous or greenhouse gas and provides the best cost-effective choice for high-quality refrigeration and environmental protection.

Let's look at other refrigerants:

At present, the new refrigerants used in the market include R134a, R600a and r152/r22 refrigerants. Their features are as follows:


The evaporation temperature of R134a is -26.5 ℃, and the freezing point is -101 ℃. It is a medium temperature refrigerant. Its characteristics are similar to R12: colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, non combustible and non explosive; However, due to its strong water absorption ability and chemical property, it is easy to reaction with water to generate acid, which corrodes the refrigeration pipeline and compressor. Therefore, high dryness of the system is required. R134a has no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer. However, it will still cause some greenhouse effect. It is now one of the alternatives of R12.


The evaporation temperature of R600a is -11.7 ℃, and the freezing point is -160 ℃. It is also a medium temperature refrigerant. It has no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer, no greenhouse effect, non-toxic, but flammable and explosive. Therefore, gas welding or electric welding is not allowed for R600a refrigeration pipeline; R600a is widely used as a substitute for R12 because of its excellent characteristics and no pollution to the atmosphere. However, R12 and R600 are not allowed to be replaced at will.

R152a / R22

R152a/r22 azeotropic refrigerant is flammable and is a common refrigerant in R12 refrigeration system. After replacement, the original refrigeration system can still run well even without other major adjustments.

Leakage of R152x / R22 azeotropic refrigerant has little adverse effect on the function of refrigerator. When the mass fraction of the composition is 50/50, the ozone depletion potential value odp=0.05 and gwp=105 are within the acceptable range. When the composition of R152x / R22 azeotropic refrigerant is in the appropriate ratio, the heat performance is excellent, the cooling speed is fast, and the power consumption is reduced.

Truecooltech is a leading company dedicated to commercial freezers. We have professional knowledge and commitment to environmental protection. Protecting the environment is one of our missions. Our Refrigerator mostly use R290 (HC), which is a highly refined propane. Its GWP (global warming potential) is much lower than other traditional refrigerants. It is the safest and most environmentally friendly choice today. Therefore, we committed to developing lean production and adopt more ecological elements to avoid damage to the ecosystem.

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