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Product Differentiation Design

We base our starting point on market demand, and carry out appearance differentiation through sufficient market research on commercial refrigerators at home and abroad. At the same time, we take into account "cost reduction" when working with differentiation design. Combining the structure of existing products with technical support of the factory, we try to reduce production costs while carrying out appearance differentiation, so as to achieve green production and provide professional refrigeration solutions for customers and markets.

refrigeration solutions

In the differentiated design of display cabinet, we do not change the overall shape of the product, but the appearance of the air vent and CMF design from previous products . We also try to design display cabinets of different styles for different application scenarios. For example, in nightclubs and bars, our display cabinets adopt black as main color, matched with blue decorative lines, to better integrate into the atmosphere of the bar.

Stainless Steel refrigeration solutions

In the differentiated design of stainless steel products, we mainly improve the appearance of the front panel, including door and handle. In order to make our products more attractive, we adopted the design principle of "special composition". We deliberately added the black metal horizontal bar as the design ornament, matched with the overall stainless steel metal texture, to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Open Showcase Solutions

In the differentiated design of the open showcase, we optimized its overall appearance and air vent, and made some changes in the CMF design. For example, one of our open showcase adopts all black inside and outside, which makes the product more luxury.

On the top of the right angle open showcase, the side panels are higher than the top of cabinet, forming a height drop. When it is embedded in the wall, an air outlet duct can be formed on the top, so that the rising hot air flow on the back can be distributed through this duct to enhance the heat dissipation effect.


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