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Technical Points Of Fresh Meat Cabinet

Summer is coming, as to the storage of fresh meat, we often face such a dilemma: a high temperature will spoil the meat, while a too low temperature will affect the taste of the meat. So it’s necessary for us to choose the right fresh meat cabinet. But do you know the technical points of fresh meat cabinet?

The fresh meat cabinet should obey to high hygiene requirements as well as ensure the safety of food contact and the convenience of cleaning and maintenance. In this case, the defrost water of the Evaporator & Door track should be able to evaporate automatically (from Drain tray); the cleaning of meat scraps, (fresh meat) blood and water requires both safety and no hygienic dead ends; organic hydrophilic foil Copper evaporator is needed to prevent corrosion. Therefore, priority is given to stainless steel materials, which can tackle these problems easily, preferably pre-packaged for storage.

The storage temperature of the fresh meat must be -5 ~5 degree. The rapid freezing ability of cabinet can form fine powdery frost particles on the surface of the fresh meat to isolate airborne bacteria. It can not only slow down the decomposition of the protein but also the evaporation of the water on the surface of the meat and thus maintain the freshness of the meat.

The display fresh meat cabinet adopts ultra-white insulating glass with high transparency. The thick glass of the cabinet can ensure the stability of storage temperature, while the luminous flux of the glass can maintain a good visual effect. The LED lights we use are the high luminous flux freezer LED lights with the features like single-end outlet design, water-proof and moisture-proof, easy to replace.

The cooling capacity of the fresh meat cabinet must be designed with a margin (larger cooling system), which is due to the high volume of fresh meat sales. During daytime sales, the larger cooling system is used in an air-conditioned environment since there will be frequent opening and closing of the door, which often results in frequent heat exchange. At night, the fresh meat cabinet is usually turned off, which leads to the rapid rise of the ambient temperature. Therefore, the cooling capacity of the fresh meat cabinet should preferably be above the ambient temperature of 32 degrees. If possible, try to test the ambient temperature of 38 degrees and ensure that the compressor compartment has good ventilation. It is not durable if only design for 26 degrees in an air-conditioned environment because of saving materials’ cost. It will lead to a high maintenance rate.

In order to meet the needs of more customers, Truecooltech is committed to developing higher quality fresh meat cabinet products. We will continue to produce more refrigeration equipment and achieve better freezer supply. If you have interest in any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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