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Something You Need To Know About CKD

With the improvement of our living standards, more and more people have higher requirements for the quality of life than ever. A good freezer is of great help to improve the quality of life. But when people are considering buying refrigerators, it’s inevitable for them to think about the shipping costs. In order to save shipping cost, we have made great efforts in the structure and assembly of freezers.

We launched CKD (Complete Knocked Down), a full-part assembly that helps us reduce shipping cost.

Most of traditional assembly is very complicated, big headache for production and quality control. CKD can help us better control production and quality.

- Traditional assembly parts -

What are the components of our refrigerator?

1. Evaporator component group:

2. Glass door component group:

3. Compressor component group:

4. Cabinet component group(for SKD):

Due to standardization of production, CKD can guarantee the quality of the product with a high probability. And the Final Assembling will become much simpler for our customers’ production if they buy our CKD products. In addition, CKD can also reduce cost budget.

The following is a comparison of the cost budget of finished product (Cooler TC-350F) and CKD:

Normally customers prefer to buy Poly Foam/Carton and etc. in local city. Apart from 60$ for some Parts & Labor, customers still need to pay 242$ for product. However, CKD only costs 182$.

Now look at Costing (Includes packing, tax, shipping and Parts & Labor).

In conclusion, Finished Product (Cooler TC-350F) costs 455$, and CKD only costs 261$.

Therefore, CKD is a more economical option.


If you have difficulty with CKD, you can also learn about SKD. The installation steps of SKD are simpler than that of CKD, and it also helps you save shipping cost.

All our products support CKD, you can buy the products you like. If you have any question, please contact us.


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