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Differentiation On CMF In Cold Chain Equipment

What is CMF?

C stands for “Color”, M stands for “Material”, F stands for “Finishing”. CMF is an integral part of product design. We differentiate our cold chain equipment in CMF so as to offer our customers best aesthetic experience without influencing the performance of refrigeration.

Differentiation in CMF can be divided into color differentiation, material differentiation and finishing differentiation.

Color differentiation allows our customers to decide the color of refrigerators according to their preferences. Material differentiation allows our customers to choose their preferred exterior materials such as stainless steel, galvanized sheet and aluminum profile etc. Finishing differentiation provide our customers with different customized finishing methods, for example, handles and door frame can be frosted or filamented, pre-paint steel panel can be sandblasted or polished, screen printing can be applied to the glass doors of our products.

What can we provide with CMF differentiation?

Based on different characteristics of scenes, we can offer customize our refrigerators with appropriate exterior materials, craftsmanship, colors and stickers, so that the refrigerators can be better integrated into the scene. For example, in some shops with wood products as their characteristic decorations, corresponding wood grain stickers will be on the freezer to make the equipment more coordinated with the environment. In addition, we also provide free consulting services so as to turn your imagination into feasible solution.

Differentiation On CMF

Differentiated customization of refrigerators:

(Example of CMF differentiated products)

For more cases of product differentiation, please pay attention to our subsequent post.


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