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The Refrigerators of TRUECOOLTECH Works Well Even At 43°C?

What does TRUECOOLTECH do in order to stabilize cooling at 43°C ambient temperature?

The high ambient temperature has a negative impact on the stable cooling of the refrigerator. When the ambient temperature is high, the compressor will keep running in order to lower the temperature inside the refrigerator, causing the compressor temperature to be too high. In serious cases, it will even burn the compressor, thus shorten the service life of the compressor. At the same time, if the thermostat is out of order and cannot sense the temperature inside the refrigerator normally or the insulation function of the refrigeration equipment is not ideal, it will further increase the compressor running time.

TRUECOOLTECH uses well-known brands compressors, high precision electronic thermostat and superior performance of insulation materials, which can effectively solve the above problems.

1. Great compressor power, sufficient cooling capacity

Great-power compressor is just like a "strong heart" of refrigeration equipment. To solve the problem of temperature difference between the inside and outside of the box in hot weather, the high-power compressor can meet the required cooling capacity of the high-power compressor, so that the compressor does not need to run for a long time or overload. Don’t worry a lot about power consumption hearing this. Caring TRUECOOLTECH will offer suitable compressor strictly according to scene of use.


2. Electronic thermostat’s precise cooling

High ambient temperature may cause the thermostat to malfunction. The function of the thermostat is to control the start or stop of the compressor. Its failure may cause the compressor to stop working. The refrigerator then shuts down. TRUECOOLTECH adopts electronic thermostat with superior performance. It can work stably under high ambient temperature conditions, reduce the occurrence of crash, and achieve accurate refrigeration.

Temperature controller | Truecooltech

3. Good insulation - including glass and heat insulation layer

Our compressor can work intermittently. Our refrigeration equipment uses high density foam layer to achieve extraordinary insulation effect. The air inside the refrigeration equipment can be kept at set temperature for a long time, and the compressor does not have to run constantly for a long time. In addition, the thick glass applied to the equipment can also realize insulation. Therefore it can reduce the compressor running time.

Good Insulation | Truecooltech

That’s why TRUECOOLCTECH's Tropical Climate Type products can cool at an ambient temperature of 43°C. It is also easy to see from the above analysis that TRUECOOLTECH's products can provide stable cooling as well as energy saving and efficient cooling effect.

Choose TRUECOOLTECH refrigeration equipment, we’ll definitely be the good hand of your business!


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