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Why are remote units more suitable for supermarket?

Our supermarket series products offer a choice of plug-in refrigerators and remote refrigerators. The condensing unit of plug-in refrigerators is placed inside the refrigeration equipment box, which is free of installment, while that of remote refrigerators needs to be installed in a suitable location outside the supermarket. Why are the remote refrigerators more suitable for supermarkets than the plug-in refrigerators?

Plug-in Refrigerators & Remote Refrigerator

First, they can meet the needs of large supermarkets. Remote refrigerator is composed of indoor refrigerator and outdoor condensing unit. Where to install indoor refrigerator is flexible, and the remote refrigerator can run well with multiple indoor refrigerators and single outdoor condensing unit supporting. Large supermarkets need large refrigeration equipment to display goods. In the case that supermarkets are large, outdoor units are needed to keep stable operation of large indoor refrigeration equipment.

Second, they are convenient for maintenance. External unit placement site is not located in the supermarket, so its maintenance does not affect the supermarket business. Imagine, if there is an broken integrated unit, maintenance can only be processed in the supermarket, which will more or less affect the flow of customers.

Third, parallel design brings more economic benefit. For large combination refrigerator, we generally adapt parallel design. Designed with parallel design, the partial component failure of remote refrigerators does not affect the operation of the entire refrigerator, and thus supermarket business will not be affected. Refrigeration equipment loaded with refrigerated and frozen products are not easy to deteriorate, reducing the rate of damaged cargo.

Fourth, low noise makes great customer experience. The unit will more or less produce noise when running. If the unit is installed indoors, it will have a negative impact on customer satisfaction, and furthermore, it will damage the profitability of the supermarket.

Fifth, they can avoid affecting indoor temperature. The units will emit heat during operation. And because the supermarket refrigeration equipment is usually relatively large, the greater emitted heat will cause increase in indoor temperature. If the unit is installed indoors, it will adversely affect customers’ shopping experience. In addition, the rising room temperature will increase the running time of the air conditioner, energy consumption and supermarket operating costs.

Generally speaking, to meet the refrigeration needs, maintenance needs, cost control needs and to ensure customer satisfaction, it’s a wiser choice for supermarkets to use remote refrigerators.

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