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What Is LED And Why Choose LED ?

1、 What is LED?

Light emitting diode (LED) is a kind of light-emitting display device that can directly convert electric energy into light energy. When a certain current passes through it, it will glow.  

2、 LED parameters

(1) Color

According to the its colour, it can be divided into colored light and infrared light. Colored light is divided into red light, yellow light, orange light, green light, etc.

(2) Brightness

The general brightness of LED lamp beads is 60-70 LM.

(3) Color temperature

White light is divided into warm color (color temperature 2700-4000k), positive white (color temperature 5500-6000k), and cold white (color temperature above 7000K). The color temperature of white LED commonly used in lighting ranges from 2700k to 6500k.

Refrigerators generally use cold white LED, cake cabinets generally use warm white LED, and fresh meat cabinets generally use red LED.

(4) Color rendering index

The color rendering index of LED is the parameter of the color restoration ability of LED lamp, which is mainly used to define the difference of color rendering of different LED light sources. The lower the color rendering index, the more distorted the color to the naked eye.

3、 Why choose LED ?

(1) The principle of incandescent lamp is to convert electric energy into heat energy to heat the tungsten wire. As the temperature rises, the tungsten wire will emit light. In the process of conversion, only a small part of electric energy is converted into light energy, and the rest is lost in the form of heat. Therefore, the conversion efficiency of incandescent lamps is low, and a lot of heat is emitted, which affects the refrigeration efficiency of refrigerators.

(2) Fluorescent lamp relies on the mercury atom of the lamp tube to release ultraviolet light in the process of gas discharge. In the lamp tube, fluorescent substances absorb ultraviolet light and release visible light. Low temperature will affect the discharge process of fluorescent lamp, so it is not suitable for refrigerator lighting.

(3)LED light directly converts electric energy into light energy. LED has high conversion efficiency and less heat dissipation. Therefore, while meeting the lighting demand, it consumes little power.

4、Application of LED in refrigerators

1. LED lights of different styles

(1)Canopy LED

Canopy LED is installed on the top of the refrigerator with custom graphic stickers.TRUECOOL TECH applies it in single glass door merchandiser, model C combination vertical cabinet, triple glass doors display cabinet and so on.

(2)Vertical LED

Vertical LED is installed inside the refrigerator door perpendicular to the ground. This pattern has widely use in product of TRUECOOLTECH.

(3)Horizontal LED

Horizontal LED is installed on the top of the inner side of the refrigerator. TRUECOOL TECH applied this pattern in model P vertical open cabinet.

2. Function of LED

(1)Catching eyes - Canopy & Vertical & Horizontal LED

Canopy LED can be used with custom graphic stickers to achieve a good advertising effect. It is easy to attract customers with colorful stickers and LED luminous effect. Vertical LED and horizontal led make customers' vision clearer by lighting the goods, so as to attract attention.

(2)Lighting - Vertical & Horizontal LED

The vertical LED installation method maximizes the lighting range of the goods displayed in the refrigerator. Horizontal LED makes the products on the outermost side of the refrigerator receive light evenly through the way of top light. Therefore, vertical LED and horizontal LED can make customers have a good visual effect.

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