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What Are The Differences Between Refrigeration And Freezing?

Temperature of Truecooltech's refrigerators can be divided into two types: refrigeration and freezing, according to the temperature requirement of stored items.

A brief introduction is as follows:

1、 Different temperature

Refrigeration: 0~10 ℃

Freezing: -22~-18 ℃

2、 Used to store different products


Refrigeration, also known as fresh-keeping, is one of the most basic functions of the refrigerator. It is suitable for storing some vegetables, fruits, drinks, etc., and can maintain the freshness of food in a short time.


Freezing can achieve the effect of quick freezing. For example, fish meat that needs to be placed for a long time needs quick freezing, so as to meet the requirements of preservation without destroying the meat quality as far as possible. It is also suitable for preserving ice cream and other frozen products, and can preserve the freshness of food for a long time.

3、 Different application scenarios

Refrigeration: supermarket beverage cabinet, display cabinet, air curtain cabinet

Freezing: island cabinet, vertical cabinet, stainless steel cabinet, ice cream cabinet

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