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Standardization On Production Procedure Of Refrigerators

The traditional production procedure is rather complex and inefficient. Since numerous workers need to implement multiple procedures on the same production line, it’s hard to carry out strict quality control for each component, which may result in frequent and costly maintenance.

In order to simplify production procedures and reduce duplication in human resources, we put forward the modularized production concept and try to optimize our production line. Instead of gathering workers to one single production line, we specialize different production lines into component groups, it allows different component groups to work on a clean and tidy platform, avoiding personnel congestion, improving production efficiency, improving quality and reducing resource waste.

As for the vacant space, we set up refrigeration testing line for quality test and defect control.

The following picture shows the working scenarios of our different component groups:

The supply and demand of global refrigeration are affected. Different countries actively encourage local production and promote local employment. Many customers who have cooperated with us for many years are happy to introduce our standardized production processes, equipment and products to their countries for localized production.

Compared with the conventional production, our production mode, refrigerator model and CKD export are gaining momentum.

Should you be interested in our CKD export, please click here for more information.



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