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Work With Gov For New Market

Food hygienic breach in farmers' markets:

1. The slaughter of living animals may lead to the spread of blood, sewage, hair and body surface parasites;

2. When meat is exposed to the air, it is also exposed to saliva, insects, mosquitoes, flies and even cockroaches to breed bacteria;

3. Meat stored at room temperature causes protein decomposition, corruption and deterioration;

4. The irregular meat processing like dirty water, dirty hands, knife handles, meat shredders, unclean chopping boards, etc. may cause cross infection in different batches.

For people's livelihood, Government Strives for upgrading the farmers' market:

1. All live animals and poultry should be quarantined, processed, separated and kept fresh in the slaughterhouse;

2. Separate saliva, insects, mosquitoes, flies and even cockroaches with glass cover;

3. Uniform use of food-grade stainless steel sales platform, and meat must be frozen and refrigerated;

4. The sales site is transparent, bright, clean, tidy and hygienic;

We are in cooperation with the local government on this project:

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