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Why Commercial Refrigerators Consume More Power Than Household Refrigerators?

Because of the different application scenarios, commercial refrigerators usually have larger capacity and need greater power supply, so the power consumption is much higher than that of household refrigerators.

How much electricity is consumed by the refrigerator and how many kilowatts of electricity will be consumed a day is a matter of concern.

The energy consumption of the refrigerator is related to the power. The higher the power, the larger the power consumption, which can be estimated according to the specification and size of the refrigerator. A medium-sized refrigerator usually uses a compressor with a power of less than 1P, that is 0.735 kwh per hour.

So we have 24 hours in a day, does it mean the refrigerator need nearly 18 degrees of electricity a day? Not at all! The refrigeration system works only when it is needed. Sometimes it may get a little rest. The temperature controller is the working indicator of a refrigeration system. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the refrigeration system will stop working. When the temperature rises again beyond the set temperature, it continues to work. To keep the stable internal temperature, the insulation material used in refrigerator must be chosen carefully.

A good insulation material can retain the cold air and thus reduce the working time of the compressor of refrigerators, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and power saving. Just like household refrigerator, if the refrigerator door is not opened, the refrigeration system may not work, and that is also true for commercial refrigerators.

When choosing a refrigerated cabinet, nearly everyone pays great attention to the refrigeration system, but people seldom think about the thermal insulation materials, which is also an important factor which determines the price of refrigerated cabinets. The factories offering refrigerated cabinets at a lower price usually don't have professional foaming equipment, so they would use the foam board to foam instead of insulation layer. As people respond to incentive, many people will choose to buy the refrigerated cabinets at lower prices, but the quality of the cheap ones are always far below the average ones. For that reason, when we buy refrigerated cabinets, we must buy them from professional refrigerated cabinet manufacturers. Although the price is a little more expensive, the quality is far more above average.

The daily power consumption is also related to the maintenance and use of the refrigerator. For example, reducing the frequency of opening, placing refrigerator in a ventilated place where it is easy to dissipate heat, and regularly cleaning the dust of the condenser can greatly reduce the power consumption.

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