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Which Refrigerator Is A Good Hand At Defrosting?

What is frost? Frosting is a phenomenon that moisture is separated from the air when the relative humidity in the air reaches 100% and the temperature is lower than 0 ℃. The temperature at which water vapor condenses into frost is called frost point. Therefore, frost refers to the white ice crystals formed by the condensation of the air below the frost point.

The evaporator of the fan cooling refrigerator is located behind the circulating fan and is usually invisible. Frosting occurs on the evaporator. No matter it is refrigeration (0~10 ℃) or freezing (-18~-22 ℃) mode, frost will not appear inside the refrigerator and therefore defrosting can be achieved by heating under both modes.

The defrost process is as below:

The defrosting timer stops supplying power to the compressor and circulating fan after the compressor has worked for 3-6 hours. At the same time, the heating wire attached to the evaporator is powered. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the defrosting timer will stop supplying power to the heating wire, and the defrosting process ends. Then the timer restores the power supply to the compressor and supply power to the circulating fan to restart the refrigeration.

Defrosting of direct cooling refrigerators (0~10 ℃) is realized by defrosting temperature controller, defrosting timer and defrosting heater. When the compressor has worked for 8 hours, the defrosting timer starts to operate. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, the defrosting temperature controller will be disconnected, and the defrosting heater will stop working. The defrosting timer connects the compressor for the next cycle. If there is no defrosting timer in the refrigerator, the defrosting method of lowering the refrigeration gear and increasing the temperature in the refrigerator can also be also adopted.

Refrigerators under freezing mode usually have thick frost. Defrosting by heating will affect normal refrigeration. Therefore, it is necessary to empty and clean the machine. However, the cleaning time and workload are relatively large.

So why not choose an fan cooling refrigerator to completely free your hands from the defrosting work?

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