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Which Is Better When We Choose Refrigerator? Vertical Refrigerator Or Horizontal Refrigerator?

Nowadays, with the growing number of convenience stores, vertical refrigerator or horizontal refrigerator freezers emerge to be the most popular freezers. As to the vertical one or the horizontal one when we choose refrigerator, the choice needs to be made through comparison and analysis of different application scenarios and functions of the refrigerator. For most of the convenience stores, the refrigerator is mainly used to store some drinks or fresh milk. Some convenience stores may also retail ice cream and other frozen food. In this case, which one is more suitable for convenience store owners to choose? Vertical refrigerator or horizontal refrigerator? Let’s take a closer look at this question.

Vertical Refrigerator Vs Horizontal Refrigerator

Both freezers can improve the utilization of space through being placed in the proper places. The vertical freezer may block the sight, so it is usually placed against the wall. It is mainly used to store drinks and some fast food. Vertical freezers are mainly used by convenience stores and supermarkets. In supermarkets, we can often see some vertical cabinets in the commodity area and iced drinks area. Since they are commercial refrigerators, the requirements for them are also very strict, including low noise, high energy efficiency and energy conservation and environmentally friendly.

The horizontal freezer has a wide view and is generally placed near the door or in the middle of the store. A major feature of the horizontal freezer is the good product plane display effect. You can scan all of the products in the horizontal cabinet with only few seconds. This feature makes it favored by all most of the stores.

Nowadays, some vertical freezers have automatic temperature management. The temperature is controlled by computer and AI, which makes the controlling and managing of temperature more convenient. Furthermore, in order to make the placement of goods look more tidy and aesthetic, the vertical freezer adopts a separated storage rack to put the goods in categories.

Vertical freezer and horizontal freezer differ from each other not only in appearance and structure, but also in their functional ways. The horizontal freezer is easy to store the food and can minimize cooling capacity loss, but it is not as convenient to get the food as the vertical freezer. And it’s cheaper than vertical freezer because of its simpler structure.

The vertical freezer is placed closely to the wall to achieve the maximum utilization of per unit area,while the horizontal freezer is located in the center to maximize the visual effect. As to how to choose refrigerator, it depends on the needs of users. If their advantages are can be achieved in one refrigerator, consumers' shopping experience will be better improved. And we are trying our best to realize this goal. If you have any questions or if you have interest in any of our products, please feel free to contact us and we will give you the most satisfactory answer.

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