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What's The Reason For The Peculiar Smell Of The Cabinet

The cabinet will have a peculiar smell after you have used it for a period of time. Why? The main reason is that there are food residues and residual liquids in the refrigerator. These rotted and deteriorated residues and liquids lead to the reproduction of mildew and thus cause this peculiar smell.

Why is the food placed in the freezer moldy? For cooked food that cannot be eaten or sold out, the freezer is usually used for cold storage. However, theoretically, the reason why the freezer can prolong the storage time of food is that the low temperature slows down the growth and reproduction speed of microorganisms in the freezer but it can not kill the microorganisms. Therefore, the food placed in the freezer will still be polluted and deteriorated by bacteria.

So, what should I do if there is mildew and peculiar smell in the freezer?

It is inevitable that the refrigerator has peculiar smell, but there are some methods to reduce the occurrence of this smell. The best way to prevent this smell of the cabinet is centralized prevention. When the food is bagged and stored in the air curtain cabinet, first ensure that the food itself is clean. It is best to put it in a clean fresh-keeping bag and then store it in an air curtain cabinet. Foods that need to be stored in the refrigerator for a long time and can be frozen for a long time, such as meat, fish, shrimp and other foods, should be placed in the freezing layer to ensure low-temperature storage. Cooked meat, sausage and other raw and cooked food shall be stored separately in the air curtain cabinet to avoid mixing with raw food and strongly smelling food, which may affect the taste of the cooked food .

Finally, remember to clean up the garbage residue of the freezer at any time and clean it regularly. In the process of using the refrigerator, in order to prevent this peculiar smell in the cabinet, we need to regularly clean the cabinet with neutral detergent and deodorant, or deodorize with activated carbon.

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