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The Influence Of Temperatures On The Refrigeration System

For a refrigerator, the refrigeration system is the most important. Refrigeration system is composed of refrigerant and four parts (compressor, condenser, expansion valve, evaporator). We will find that some parts are cold to the touch and some are hot. What are the effects of temperature on the refrigeration system?

The relative temperature of the refrigerating unit parts has a normal temperature range. If the temperature exceeds the range, it is abnormal. These abnormal factors may be fault or improper adjustment, we should check the cause in time and handle it.

1. Influence of casing temperature

Reason of high temperature of casing: the temperature of the casing surface exceeds the normal range, mainly because the suction temperature of the refrigerating system is too high, excess steam enters the compressor and absorbs heat in the shell, raising the temperature of the steam and thus raising the temperature of the shell.

2. Influence of exhaust temperature

The main reason for the high exhaust temperature is the high suction or condensation temperature of the compressor.

Exhaust temperature is too low, indicating a particularly low suction temperature. In this case, the compressor may operate in a wet-stroke operation or with little work medium in the system. Wet stroke is easy to damage the valve structure, less refrigeration dose will affect the heat dissipation of motor windings, accelerate the aging of insulation materials.

3. Influence of condenser temperature

The air cooling condenser

Normally, the first half of the cooling pipe is very hot, its temperature has a slow and gradual decline trend. Compared with the first half, the heat sensitivity of the latter half is greatly reduced, because the refrigerant in the latter half has gradually liquefied and has reached the condensing and subcooling temperatures.

When something unusual happens, one is the first half is not too hot, the latter half is close to the normal temperature (environmental temperature), which is caused by the compressor sucks in wet steam refrigerant or insufficient refrigeration dose.

Tow is that the whole condenser pipe is very hot. The reason is too much refrigerant, low ventilation, or high environmental temperature.

The water cooling condenser

Normally, the upper part of the shell of shell condensers is hot and the lower part is warm.

When something unusual happens, one is the whole shell will not be too hot, the reason is not enough refrigeration. Second, due to insufficient cooling water or poor heat dissipation (pipe scaling), the whole shell is very hot.

Now we know what temperatures affects the refrigeration system, we can take better care of our refrigerators. If you want to know more about our products, you can visit our website.

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