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Advantages Of Double Air Curtain For Refrigerators

Since supermarkets are getting more and more popular, commercial refrigerators get the chance to thrive in order to keep with the social need and thus different unique features of commercial refrigerators are developed.Compared with closed cabinets, open cabinets have a higher sales rate because they can provide better visibility, easy access to products and encourage impulse buying. More importantly, the electronic thermostat in open cabinets can provide suitable temperature at which food can stay fresh while customer will not feel uncomfortable.

Nowadays, more and more stores are adopting double air curtain refrigerators. So what is the difference between single air curtain and double air curtain?

The air curtain cabinet with single air curtain works with only one air duct. The cold air is sucked in by the evaporator fan from the bottom, and then passes through only one air duct. Part of the cold air is emitted from the air hole of the backplane. After reaching the top, the rest of the air flow is guided by the honeycomb network, and then drops vertically to the bottom, being sucked in by the evaporator fan. In this way, the circulation of the cold air is completed.

The open showcase with double air curtains works with two air ducts. After the air is sucked in by the evaporator fan from the bottom, the air flow with low temperature is passed through the evaporator while the air with high temperature is blocked. The two air flows go through two air ducts respectively, so the cold air flow discharged from the top honeycomb net is also divided into two air curtains. Thus, cold air can be prevented from blowing out of the product display area by the air curtain in front of the refrigerator, and warm ambient air can be prevented from entering, too.

With double air curtains, we can easily save a lot of energy, avoid the undesired cold environment, and greatly improve the efficiency of refrigerators and the shopping experience of customers.

Single air curtain & Double air curtain

So,how does it work?

First, the air flow through the channel of the refrigerator forms an air curtain, which is cooled by the evaporator and discharged from the air outlet of the ceiling of the vending machine.

The cold air flow is divided into two air curtains - the inner air curtain and the outer air curtain. The internal cooling air curtain is guided to the product display area in the chassis. The cooling air flows downward along the open front of the cabinet and enters the loop through the cabinet.

The external air curtain acts as a buffer between the internal air curtain and the ambient air around the opening on the front of the cabinet, minimizing heat exchange. It has warmer air, so it can protect the cooler internal air curtain from being affected by the ambient air and ensure that customers do not feel cold when choosing products.

Double air curtain

As for the design of double air curtain, it uses a unique air flow management system

The double air curtain is a unique air flow management system designed for both open and closed multi deck to improve customers’ experiences and save energy. The double air flows can be formed in the cooling process with only one fan. Compared with the simple front open multi-layer unit, the double air curtain can effectively save about 20% of energy and avoid additional development costs.

Therefore, we can simply understand the benefits of the double air curtain:

There is no cold air in front of the cabinet - increase sales rate.

Reduce energy consumption - save costs.

Improve temperature stability - better preservation of food.

Easy access to products - better customer experience.

Easy replenishment - provide a more comfortable working environment for store employees.

In recent years, double air curtain cabinets have a significant impact on supermarkets, as cooling typically accounts for 50% of supermarket energy consumption. Therefore, the dual air curtain is the first choice for retailers seeking for reducing energy use.

At present, Truecooltech is also investing in research in this direction, and new products will be launched soon, so stay tuned.

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