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Standardization Of Common Parts Of Refrigerator

What is common parts?

Common parts are compatible, interchangeable and reusable accessories between different refrigerators

Standardization of common parts means that under the premise of differentiation and new product designing, we apply common parts to as more refrigerators as possible so as to ensure less production cost and ensure mass production. Through reasonable and full use of common parts, the cost of accessories can be saved, and quality control can also be improved.

Through the standardization of common parts, when some parts of products are damaged, customers can quickly and accurately find suitable parts to replace, which greatly save maintenance costs and improve maintenance efficiency. At the same time, due to the strong applicability of common parts, they can also be recycled after the refrigerator is discarded, effectively reducing resource waste and promoting green production.

The common parts of Truecooltech refrigerators account for more than 60% of total parts.

Common parts of Model C: Canopy, door frame, handle, casters and plates

Common parts of Model C

Common parts of Model P- open cabinet: the mold, unit and shelf of p-type air curtain cabinet are the same.

Common parts of Model P- open cabinet


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