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Standardization On Refrigerator's Condensing Unit

Most of the units we use are Cassette Movable Condensing Unit and Semi Movable Condensing Unit. By standardization of condensing unit, we improve production efficiency and saving production costs.

Our integrated unit is fully removable, so the entire unit can be inspected and repaired in case of being damaged or breaking down, and can effectively reduce the maintenance cost.

Our curved side glass door vertical display cabinet adopts integrated unit, which fully meet market demands and enable customers to enjoy our humanized design from the perspective of maintenance convenience.

Semi Movable Condensing Unit:

Our food service products, such as Model P open showcase, use Semi Movable Condensing Unit, in which doesn’t contain evaporator. As we all know, the components that are most prone to problems in commercial refrigerators are compressor and condenser components, thus they need regular examination. Our semi movable condensing unit enables us to easily extract this part for routine maintenance.

The characteristics and advantages of Truecooltech condensing unit:

1. Neat layout, which improves heat dissipation and refrigeration efficiency.

2. Equipped with Cleans weep Housing and Front Grille, which extends the service life of condensing unit.

3. Air deflector, wicking material(optional), overflow pan(optional) provided, which increase refrigeration efficiency.

4. Ventilated sides, which is conducive to improving the heat dissipation efficiency of the unit. It is suitable for embedded placement, effectively saving store space.

Through standardization of unit, we can carry out standard production process and strict quality control for each refrigerator we produce. Under the highly automated operation of the assembly line, we can achieve the integration of quality and performance.


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