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Common Refrigerator Maintenance Problems

Q 1: Power supply

If your refrigerator is not powered on, you should check if the device has been turned on first. You should see whether the power cord is fully inserted into the socket, because it may have been unplugged. If the problem remains unsolved, please check whether the socket and ground wire are powered.

Q 2: Temperature

If your refrigerator is not cold enough, please check whether your equipment is directly against the wall first. Commercial refrigerators, which require greater power supply than household refrigerators need to be placed slightly away from the wall to leave room for normal air circulation for effective cooling.

Second, the gasket may be worn due to the frequent opening-and-closing. The door of the refrigerator should be properly closed and completely sealed so that the equipment can perform the cooling process well.

Third, check your compressor. Compressor is the core of the refrigeration system of the commercial refrigerator. If the compressor fails, the refrigerator will not be able to cool normally. Dust, hair, grease, etc. may accumulate in the compressor and render it inoperable. Therefore, the compressor usually needs to be cleaned for every three months.

Q 3: Icing

If your commercial refrigerator has frost, you need to turn off the refrigerator to melt the ice from the evaporator. And then try to clean the evaporator coil and fan as well as the drain pipe.

Q 4: Illuminating

If the refrigerator lamp is not on, you need to examine if the lamp needs to be replaced. Please ensure that it has been verified and approved by the equipment manufacturer, otherwise there is a risk of burning the lamp power socket.

If you still cannot find a solution to the problem, you need to consult a reliable commercial refrigerator maintenance service, or you can find us. Remember, if your refrigerator is still under the manufacturer's or parts and labor warranty, you need to check the warranty details to ensure that any repairs you or a third party make will not invalidate the warranty.

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