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Glass Door Reach-in Refrigerator And Freezer

Glass Door Reach-in Refrigerator And Freezer

· Stainless steel exterior and interior

· Internal lighting

· Digital controller

· Self-closing door

· Automatic defrost

Designed and engineered to operate from 0℃ to 43℃ ambient.


Removable compressor & condenser set (Cassette system).

Ventilated cooling, ensures even air circulation inside cabinet.

#304 Stainless steel exterior and interior for stability.

High density 80mm thickness insulation foam can bear up 45KG.

Carel brand digital controller, accurate temperature control with auto-defrost function.

Supplied with stainless steel rails and adjustable shelves, GN pan for option.

Over 90°door opening, on-hold hinge allows easy loading.

Self-closing hinge door provides hassle-free operation and energy efficiency.


Automatically vaporizes defrost water.

Environmentally friendly R134a/R600a/R290a refrigerant.

High capacity refrigeration system that maintains -18℃~ -22℃ for freezer(0~7℃ for cooler).

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