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Why Choose Us?

We are experienced in refrigeration:

1. In Guangdong province, we are one of the best technical innovation enterprises, manufacturing both Supermarket equipment and catering appliance. In the bidding of domestic top supermarket projects, our main competitors are Haier Carrier, Panasonic and Hussmann.

2. Our partners are domestic and abroad leading brands of supermarket and catering, so we can provide you the outstanding and professional refrigeration solutions.

3. In 2016, we brought in Hussmann’s engineers Mr.Bai. Joint engineer Yang (former aerospace industry company) to lead our R&D team. Meanwhile, our innovations in refrigeration are based on market-oriented principle, so we can provide the most humanistic and reliable products.

4. In 2020, we cooperated with government in local market upgrading project.

We are superior in products:

1. We adapt standard compressors, condensing units, insulation materials to guarantee cost-efficient, even, environmental and fast refrigeration as well as avoid undesired breakdown.

2. We carry out simulated test to ensure refrigeration stability of our products. Our tests are conducted under different conditions like tropical ambient, high humidity ambient, frequent door opening, embedded placement etc.

3. We optimize the unit to improve the performance and make its maintenance and cleaning more convenient.

4. In order to reduce pollution and achieve sustainable development, we successfully apply green refrigerant r600a/r290a to more than 120,000 refrigerators per year, which reduce the use of high GWP refrigeration by more than 20 tons.

5. Through the differentiation of structure and appearance, we make customized products to fully meet the personalized needs.

We are considerate in services:

1. Besides customization, we also offer branding services for our sincere partners and clients. Cartons with logo, customized branding videos are available.

2. We offer all kinds of materials for your sales purpose, such as brochures, specification sheet, product videos, maintenance booklets, instructions etc.

3. We offer 5-year warranty for compressor and 3-year warranty for the whole freezer in the U.S..

4. We offer free consultation service for your business. Any question about refrigeration solutions of your business will be given due attention and satisfactory suggestions.


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