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What Are The Main Components And Functions Of The Refrigerator?

When purchasing refrigerated cabinets, most of the businesses pay great attention to the product parameters such as volume, refrigeration temperature range, power consumption and so on, but seldom do them focus on the operational principle.

People may think it’s unnecessary for them to learn about how the refrigerators work and the internal structure of them in detail. In fact, however, a better understanding of the internal structure is helpful for us to better use the refrigerator. So let's see what are the components of a refrigerator and how does it work!

The refrigeration system of the refrigerator is composed of compressor, condenser, drying filter, capillary, evaporator, connecting pipeline and other main components.

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The compressor is the heart of a display refrigerator, which determines the quality of the refrigerator. The main function of the compressor is to compress the refrigerant, so as to keep the refrigeration cycle complete and continuous.

Condenser is one of the heat ex-changers in refrigeration system. Its function is to radiate the heat of high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant gas sent by the compressor to the external space of the fresh-keeping refrigerator.

The capillary tube is generally made of copper with an inner diameter of less than 1mm and is connected between the condenser and the evaporator. It plays a role in reducing the pressure of high-pressure liquefied refrigerant sent by the compressor.

The wet vapor of low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant throttled by the capillary tube of the evaporator boils under the condition of equal pressure in the evaporator, absorbs the heat of the surrounding medium and becomes the dry saturated vapor of low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant.

We don't need to deeply learn about the internal structure of the refrigerator like a professor, but it is necessary to understand the basic knowledge of some freezers. In this way, when we are purchasing and using the refrigerator, the risk of wronging money will be greatly reduced . When we ask someone to repair the refrigerator, we can avoid being overcharged based on the knowledge we learned about price of the refrigerator parts. If you need to buy refrigerator, you can contact us and we will definitely give you the most detailed reply and the best service.

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