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Structural Innovation Of Refrigeration Products

During the improvement process of model P right angle open showcase, we optimized not only the overall design of CMF, but also the structure and unit heat dissipation.

We integrate the idea of "modular assembly" into structural design, which is conducive to cost reduction. This removable cabinet structure not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the assembly cost.

In the design of unit, we optimized the structure and the layout of components in order to improve heat dissipation effect of condenser and refrigeration efficiency. Our optimization is mainly reflected in:

1. Wicking material is used to absorb the water in condensate pan, which can increase the air contact area of water, speed up the evaporation of water, and guide the air flow to the air outlets on both sides.

2. Overflow pan is used to contain the excess water that is not evaporated in condensate pan and is heated by heating wire to help its evaporation.

3. The air deflector guides part of the air flow to condensate pan, speeding up the air flow on the water surface and improving evaporation efficiency. The rest of the air will flow to the rear air outlet.


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