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Solution Against High Shipping Cost

In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, shipping cost continue to rise. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the problem of global imbalances has been accumulating, including imbalances in the production and demand of goods, different lockdowns and opening hours across countries, cuts by shipping lines on major routes and shortages of containers. Persistent global imbalances have further pushed up shipping cost.

In order to deal with the problem of rising shipping cost, we launched CKD and SKD.

What are CKD and SKD?

How can CKD and SKD reduce the High Shipping Cost?

1. CKD and SKD occupy less space, can reduce the cost of the container.

2. CKD and SKD have great carrying capacity, average shipping cost is very low.

3. CKD and SKD have lower government tax.


Currently we have three methods to load our containers, CKD and SKD loading methods can maximize the use of space.


We strive to provide better service to our customers, including providing customers with solution to reduce high shipping cost.


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