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Shelf Of Refrigerator

Brief introduction to Commonly used shelves:

There are mainly 4 types of shelves:

1. Stainless steel shelf

(1) Material: stainless steel, which is an alloy composed of steel and nickel

(2) Advantages: firm, tough and corrosion resistant

(3)Form: Gastronorm containers

(4) In the stainless steel series of Truecooltech, PVC coating layer frame is generally used, while Gastronorm container is used for option.

Truecooltech will carry out customized production according to the actual needs of customers.

2. PVC coating layer frame

(1) Material: the surface of the shelf is PVC coating, and the inside is steel.

(2) Advantages: pressure resistant, dirt resistant, anti stripping, and the inside of the protective layer frame will not rust due to water vapor. In addition, Truecooltech adopts food grade PVC, which can be in direct contact with food. The inner steel frame of the layer frame has high strength and strong bearing capacity.

(3) Form: horizontal shelf / basket shelf

(4)Truecooltech uses PVC coated shelves in the vertical refrigerators and Chest freezer of supermarket series

3.Shelves with price tag

(1) Material: sprayed steel plate.

(2) Advantages: with place for price tag of stored items . Its excellent load-bearing capacity is the best choice for supermarkets to display a large number of goods. The surface is sprayed to protect the inner material and easy to clean.

(3) Form: horizontal shelf

(4)Truecooltech uses shelves with price tags in supermarket series open showcase and vertical display cabinet.

4.Other shelves for introduction

(1)Wooden shelf

Wooden shelf is mainly used for wine refrigerator. Compared with metal shelf, it can give customers a feeling of being close to nature. The use of wooden shelves can improve the visual effect of commodity display.

(2)Wave wire wine rack shelf

Wave wire wine rack shelf is only used in red wine refrigerators. The display gap is relatively large, which is easy for people to take the wine, and it is less likely to cause the breakage of red wine bottle. However, the large gap may result in the limited number of displayed goods.

There are 3 main installation methods of the layer frame

1. K-clip / k-iron +pilasters

The column is embedded in the box, and several grooves are arranged on the column. By inserting the k-clip or k-piece into the groove shown in the figure, the layer frame can be fixed on the k-clip. This is the most common installation method for commercial refrigerator shelves.

2. Guide rail type

This kind of refrigerator has multiple parallel grooves perpendicular to the door in its ABS box. Inserting the shelf into the grooves of different heights can realize the flexible partition of the refrigerator space, and the operation is very convenient.

3. Pull out slide rail

It is mainly used in wine refrigerator and medicine refrigerator. Similar to the drawer slide, it is characterized by being able to pull out and its stability, with an intuitive visual experience, which can help people find products accurately in the refrigerator.

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