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Truecooltech's Recent Patent Design

Convenience Store Combination Cabinet

Existing Products And Case:

Our Convenience Store Combination Refrigerator consists of two separate cabinets (left glass door display freezer and right air curtain display refrigerator), which work independently.

Optimized Products:

As to the improved design, we have optimized the whole structure.

Optimization Characteristics:

1、Curved canopy on top can create a lighthearted store atmosphere.

2、Integrated structure can achieve better visual effect.

3、Sides panel with glass gives customers a better view.

Patent Certificate:

Convenience Store Combination Cabinet Patent


Vertical Open Showcase

Existing Products And Case:

Optimized Products:

We have improved the design of the old product. Based on the design direction—soft production, we have designed three styles (semi-high oblique, semi-high straight and full high straight).

They can be placed independently or be placed in combination with each other, which is suitable for convenience stores, hypermarkets and other application scenarios.

Optimization Characteristics:

1、Like the musical notes,the misplaced design of the ventilation panels make the refrigerator visually dynamic and vibrant.

2、The door frame adopts narrow bezel, making the refrigerator lighter in weight while also widening the view to enhance the display effect.

3、The dimensions of the refrigerator are uniformly optimized so that they can be placed in combination with each other and also considering the heat distribution.

Patent Certificate:

Vertical Open Showcase Patent


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