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Industrial Design Cooler/Freezer

As the saying goes, ”many hands make light job.” Truecooltech and a Foshan famous professional design company work together to simultaneously develop new products. Our design team is always focusing on identifying customer’s pain spot and improving customer experience. According to specialized investigations, we found that it is difficult for customers to intuitively understand the internal structure of the product and tandard vertical cooler is no longer outstanding in the market. Therefore, it is neccessary for a brand to innovate industrial design.

With the cooperation of our design team and the design company, new design of refridge comes out -curved canopy. The launch of the new product went through a rigorous process: First, we made a feasible analysis of our idea and cost budget. Then, we made 3D drawing to present our idea. Through many internal discussions and constant revisions, the final version is presented. Finally, new product was achieved by the professional 3D printing technology.

3D printing is a modern high technology. We sincerely appreciate this cooperation. We will try our best to satisfy our customer and collaborate with more professional design company to come out the real, attractive product. Welcome for inquiry.


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