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How To Understand Fan Cooling And Static Cooling For Refrigerator?

The refrigeration ways of refrigerators are divided into fan cooling and static cooling. Static cooling is also known as direct cooling. In simple words, the fan cooling refrigerator realize refrigeration by the cold air generated by the evaporator; the direct cooling refrigerator works through heat transfer of the evaporator embedded in foaming layer.

Fan cooling & Static cooling For Refrigerator

Products of TRUECOOLTECH mainly adopt fan cooling. Moreover, We focuses on testing the rapid cooling capacity of products in the process of product development. We simulate the harsh climate environment and the frequent opening and closing of doors in the test room in order to test stability of refrigeration.Therefore,the needs of all-day, high-intensity commercial refrigeration can be satisfied.

The following is a brief analysis of the difference between Fan cooling and Static cooling.

1. Defrosting

The working mechanism of fan cooling refrigerator determines it is frost-free. However, it should be noted that frost free just means that the frost won’t be formed in the refrigerator. In fact, the frost condenses on the evaporator and will be removed automatically on a regular basis. The frost free feature of the fan cooling refrigerator helps to reduce the hassle of regularly manual defrosting.

Direct cooling refrigerators work through heat transfer. When the refrigerator door is opened, air with higher temperature will enter the refrigerator to condense into droplets. When the refrigerator door is closed, the refrigerator works, and the low temperature will freeze the droplets into frost. The direct cooling refrigerator will bring the trouble of regular manual defrosting. In addition, frost inside the direct cooling refrigerator will reduce the refrigeration efficiency and waste more power.

2. Cooling speed and uniformity

The forced circulation of cold air in fan cooling refrigerators is dynamic refrigeration, which ensures the refrigeration speed and uniformity. The direct cooling refrigerator which works through heat transfer depends on natural convection, which is obviously lower and uneven than fan cooling.

3. Fresh-keeping effect

The fan cooling refrigerator keeps blowing cold air inside, and the fast air circulation will accelerate the evaporation of food moisture. In addition, the air sent by the fan, after being cooled by the evaporator, become dry, which aggravates the moisture loss of food, thus affecting the preservation. However, as long as the condensing unit has excellent performance, it can achieve rapid refrigeration, and the temperature inside and outside the food can be reduced at the same time to ensure moisture preservation of the food. Although fresh and sweet products ask for strict moisture preservation, the fan cooling refrigerator is suitable for preserving fresh and sweet products under the condition of good performance.

The direct cooling refrigerator works through heat transfer, which will not affect the moisture of the food. Therefore, the direct cooling refrigerator will not cause any moisture loss of fresh products. However, the refrigeration of direct cooling refrigerator is slow, which is easy to cause uneven cooling inside and outside the food, resulting in deterioration.

Generally speaking, fan cooling refrigerators are superior to direct cooling refrigerators in many aspects.

*Automatic defrosting ensures the convenience of maintenance.

*The performance of fast and uniform refrigeration is particularly important for supermarkets and convenience stores with large volume of customers.

*Take cold drinks as an example. When the daily purchase volume is large, the replenishment of the drinks will also be frequent. Fan cooling refrigerators can provide great shopping experience for consumers, since it can cool down the drinks in a short time.

After knowing these two refrigeration ways and their pros and cons, I believe you now can choose a more suitable refrigerator according to your needs!

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