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How Can We Achieve The Goal Of Energy Saving And Emission Reduction?

February 24 in 2022 is a special day, which marked the beginning of the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The war is terrible. With the increasingly serious situation in Russia and Ukraine and the gradual aggravation of the international energy crisis, our life is greatly affected.

During this war, goods supplies were in shortage, leading to the increased price in overall level in the international market and higher costs of oil, steel and coal. As coal is one of the greatest sources for power generation, the electricity price has peaked.

Summer is the rush-period of power consumption. Fans, air conditioners and freezers will consume a great amount of electricity. In order to avoid expensive electricity consumption and better protect ecological resources, energy saving is seemed to be the greatest solution.

Truecooltech's new refrigerated cabinet in 2022 has a solid structure and can be customized according to our customers’ needs. Compared with the old ones, our new product can save more than 10% electricity when using.

As to our new cabinets, we use a high density foam layer to make a firm structure with excellent heat resistance. Our thermal insulation is remarkable, so the cold air in the freezers can be retained for a long time and the working time of the compressors can be shortened, so as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction. Moreover, the built-in fixed frequency or variable frequency compressor in the freezer has a good compressor on-off ratio, which can achieve the goal of energy conservation and reduce the cost of electricity.

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