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How Can Embraco Compressor Make A Big Difference?

Recently, a case study presented by embraco at the AtmoEurope online activity showed that variable-speed compressors consume 41% less energy than fixed-speed compressors. The results of this study showed that the transformation from fixed-speed compressors to variable-speed compressors can save more energy for retailers, thereby reducing costs.

This case study was done by embraco in collaboration with Epta, which is a multinational group specializing in providing retailers with commercial refrigerators. Epta, a long-term customer of embraco, is also a partner that Truecooltech really appreciates.

As we all know, the developer can improve efficiency of refrigeration equipment from different aspects, such as e-glass, insulation and so on. However, the compressor is probably the most important part on this topic. According to an official study by the European Commission, in the life-cycle costs of all major types of commercial display cabinets, electric power operating costs account for 60% to 80%. A appropriate compressor can greatly reduce the operating costs.

The latest news

In the regulations and action plans issued by countries all over the world on dealing with climate change, refrigerant gas used in commercial refrigeration equipment is becoming a greater issue.

Embraco's commonly used R290 and R600a are both natural refrigerants, which have no potential risk for ozone depletion, and will not exacerbate the global warming. The refrigerants we use are also natural refrigerants, which coincides with the "green, efficient and sustainable" environmental protection and energy saving concept.

Embraco has long been the standard compressor supplier of Truecooltech's commercial refrigeration equipment of supermarket. Its energy-saving and high-efficiency are well recognized by our customers.

Countries in the world are putting forward more and more stricter requirements for energy-saving. In recent years, improving energy efficiency has been a hot topic in the commercial refrigeration field. It must be a wise and forward-looking decision for you to choose embraco and Truecooltech.

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