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Flexible Production Concept

Flexible production, which attaches great attention on market trends and needs, requires highly standardized parts to produce a great volume of goods at a limited time. Based on the quick production capacity and customers’ preferences, soft production allows us to achieve maximum production as well as provide customized service through appearance differentiation.

Basic components and parts remaining the same, the appearances of the refrigerators and cabinets can be changed according to your preferences. (high/ semi-high, with door/without door, with canopy/without canopy, inclined side plate/full straight side plate/lower narrow side plate)

Show you pictures as below:

With/Without Canopy, and Sliding door optional.

Hinges/Sliding door, and Bottom Evaporator optional.

With/Without Canopy. Mounted Down/Top Compressor. LCD screen.

Mounted Top/Bottom Compressor, and ides Glass & no door optional.

Welcome to contact us to customize your products.


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