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Different Types Of Fan Of Refrigerator

When you open a refrigerator, sometimes you may feel there is an airflow blown through your face or your hands. So where does this air flow come from? That comes from ventilation fan. Also, there are three other types of fan of refrigerator that you need to know.

1、The air curtain machine

The air curtain machine is an air purification equipment, which drives the strong air flow generated by the cross flow or centrifugal wind wheel through the high-speed motor to form an "invisible curtain". The high-speed air flow can prevent external oil, smoke, odor and dust entering the refrigerator to create a clean and comfortable environment. The air curtain has heat insulation function which can block the heat exchange. It also has a fresh-keeping function, which can prevent the outflow of cold air from the refrigeration equipment and maintain a lower temperature in the air curtain cabinet than outside.

2、 Ventilation fan

Generally, frost-free refrigerators are fan cooling refrigerators. Fan cooling refrigerators use air for refrigeration. When high-temperature air flows through the built-in evaporator (separated from the inner wall of the refrigerator), due to the high temperature of the air and the low temperature of the evaporator, the two directly exchange heat, and the temperature of the air will be reduced. At the same time, the cold air is blown into the refrigerator with the help of the fan. Through this continuous circulation, the temperature inside the refrigerator will finally be lowered. So the ventilation fan actually plays the role of transferring the air cooled by the evaporator in the refrigeration process.

3、 Unit cooling fan

The unit cooling fan is located in the condensing unit to help the compressor dissipate heat. This fan is more useful when the compressor is running at high speed, and plays a role in protecting the compressor from burning out to a certain extent. If it is plug-in refrigerator, this fan is usually invisible.

4、 Assisted fan in Static Cooling refrigerator

The Assisted fan in the box promotes the air flow inside the Static Cooling refrigerator, which can make the refrigeration more even. With the

flow of air, the cooling speed can also be improved.

So when you have learned about these four types of fan of refrigerator, you may know different kinds of refrigerator use different fans. When there is somebody who asks you the questions about the fans, you can proudly talk out the knowledge you’ve learned today.

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