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Blast Freezing You Should Know

Blast Refrigerator

The benefits of investing in a Blast Freezing

1. Proliferation of bacteria can be prevented

The quick freezing function not only can immediately stop the evaporation of water of the food and keep it fresh, but also avoid the proliferation of bacteria so that food can be safer.

Meat, fish and poultry may contain a lot of bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella. If these products are placed in an inappropriate environment, bacteria will proliferate rapidly in just a few days. However, using correct preservation methods can effectively control bacterial proliferation. Data prove that the best temperature to store meat, fish and poultry is -18 degrees Celsius or below. (equivalent to 0 degrees Fahrenheit) At this temperature, bacteria can not proliferate. That’s why your products can be more hygienic to sell.

2. Reservation of nutrition will be better

Blast freezing can preserve the nutrients of food. It makes food freeze quickly. Thanks to it.Damage of cell wall can be prevented, so the loss of interstitial fluid and water will not happen. In other words, food flavors are effectively preserved. The color, taste and nutrition of the food will also not change after thawing. It’s reported that the nutritional value of frozen fruits and vegetables is the same as that of fresh fruits and vegetables or even higher. Because fresh fruits and vegetables experience several days of transportation before reach stores or supermarkets. Especially when these fruits and vegetables are in full contact with heat and light, many vitamins and antioxidants will be lost during transportation. Of course, if fresh fruits and vegetables are transported to consumers through the cold chain, their nutritional loss will be very small.

In conclusion, blast freezing is the best system for storing food naturally, this greatly facilitates our lives and allows us to enjoy more fresh and delicious food.

In response to market demand, our company has launched a high-efficiency Blast Refrigerator that can adapt to various needs and scenarios.

Our blast refrigerator equipped with the anti-condensation door mullion heaters and good quality imported compressor. In addition, heavy-duty, non-marking swivel and brake casters are available for ease of installation. The self-closing door reduces cold air loss and lowers energy consumption. What's more, the removable balloon-type magnetic door gasket with air release point provides an excellent, airtight seal to prevent heat entry, easy replacement and avoid dirt build-up.

If you have any question, you can contact us.


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